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5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Bring a Child Into This Crazy World

“I don’t wanna bring children into this crazy world!”  I’ve thought it. Have you?  girl reading newspaperTerror attacks. Human trafficking. Natural disasters. Cancer.  War.  The destruction of our planet.  And oh so much more. It can be psychologically and emotionally paralyzing. Honestly, if I didn’t have Christian faith that there is a heaven, a Resurrection and a Final Judgment where justice will be served, I don’t know how I’d keep my sanity from day to day.  

Some days I wake up next to my beautiful baby filled with overwhelm about the evil, suffering and death in our world. Continue reading

Can’t afford organic? Here’s a creative idea!

Wouldn’t it be great if healthy food came to you?!  Watch and learn how Tracy McCoy – crunchy mama & founder of Hillbilly Farmstand – made that happen.  You’ll also learn how a very personal desire led Tracy on a journey to healthier living and how she’s sharing the “real food” love with her family and community!

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