What It Was Like Growing Up Evancho: ‘I was a good kid’ clipart

Growing up in rural Texas, Evanchon was a typical kid who dreamed of being an athlete.

He attended the University of Texas and majored in business, which eventually led to a job as an accountant.

When he was 22, he took the plunge into making his own music and released his first EP, the self-titled album.

It wasn’t long before he started writing and recording songs.

The music he made during that period was largely centered around the life of his hometown, which is also where Evanchos family lived.

Evanchos father was a carpenter and he worked at a local tire store as a mechanic.

When Evanchons mom passed away, he and his brother moved in with their aunt in Austin.

The family had a large backyard, so Evanchoes sister and her brother used it as a stage.

The two lived on the outskirts of Austin for a few years before moving to a more upmarket neighborhood.

The songs on Evanchom’s EP were a reaction to his family’s troubles.

As a young child, he had to constantly learn new words to get by.

He wrote songs that dealt with his father’s death, his parents divorce, and a variety of other personal topics.

He also wrote songs about how his family was coping with his mother’s death and the trauma that her death had caused.

Evans mom passed when he was a teenager, but he wasn’t able to get back to her after she died.

Evanchs sister and his younger brother moved into the house and started playing music, which quickly got noticed by fans.

Soon, Evans music was being played in schools, churches, and even by high school and college football teams.

His songs became staples of the music scene, and he received numerous awards and accolades for his work.

“Evancho has always been a big part of my life, from when I was a kid to now,” he told Complex in 2015.

“It was definitely my life I lived for and I really wish I could go back and see what all the music that I’m making now has been like for me.”

Evanchon began working as an artist in college and quickly landed a job with the label Lava Records.

He was able to make his own record and began to gain notoriety.

He released his debut EP, Evanches True Love, which peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart and earned him his first Grammy nomination.

In addition to the awards and nominations, he became a major star in his hometown.

The town had a very different view of music, and it was a safe place for a young kid from the area to grow up.

It was also a place where people from all over the world would come and live and work and have fun, Evancos brother, J.J., told Complex.

J.J.’s brother J.R. and Evanchocs mother Evanchosa grew up on a ranch and were raised in a rural community.

Inevitably, they were also surrounded by other kids who grew up in the same town.

The boys also spent a lot of time on the road and were always involved in different things, J