The top 25 players from the past 5 years who grew up playing football

I was born in 1982 and grew up in Turin.

The first game I saw was against Juventus at San Siro.

I remember thinking it was a good way to start my career.

Juventus won, and I was just a kid.

I wanted to be a footballer but didn’t have the money.

In 2004, when the Serie A was being won by Napoli, I joined a new club called Genoa and played for them.

They were playing for the second-highest Italian league, Serie B. I had a good time, but it was all about the money, I said to myself.

I’d never made the first team.

At Genoa, I didn’t get to play in a major game.

So I just started playing for other clubs.

That was my first experience with Serie A, and the first time I played against other professional players.

It was a bit of a weird moment, but the first year was great.

I played for two seasons in Serie A and the other two with Genoa.

It wasn’t a bad experience at all, and that was the first step to the next step: a professional career.

When I was playing for Genoa in 2005, I scored my first goal for the club.

After that, it was my goal to become a professional.

I signed for Fiorentina in 2006.

I joined the club in 2010 and I played in every Serie A game I played until I retired.

It is difficult to leave an important club and go into a new one and play for another team.

I’ve been there for many years and played in Serie B for 10 years, which was my most important club.

I also played in the Champions League and Copa del Rey, so I’ve played every competition in every season.

I never felt I was finished.

At a certain point, I thought I would leave the club and pursue other opportunities.

But then, when I was 32, the coach called me and asked me to join the club again.

The next season I was there for two more years, and in 2012, I had to leave Fiorendina for a year.

I thought about it a lot.

It’s an important period, especially now with the arrival of the young generation and the increase in interest in football in Italy.

It seems as if the whole world is interested in the game.

There are a lot of young players playing in Serie C, so you are constantly learning and being challenged.

I love football.

I can’t wait to start another challenge with GenoAve.

For me, the best years in football came in the 1980s.

It seemed as if every game was important and that there was always something new and exciting to try out.

The most important moment in my career was when Genoa won the league and I scored the winner against Juventus.

It made me realize that my career had begun.

I was a young kid and my goal was to win the league.

That is how it happened.

I don’t think I’ve reached my goal yet, but I can imagine it happening again.

I am very happy to be back in Serie D, because it is a great club.

It has a good atmosphere and I have always enjoyed playing there.

It suits me.

It makes me feel at home.

The last couple of years have been very difficult, because I am still growing and growing.

The new coach, Paolo Maldini, has been a great help, especially since he started with Fiorestina.

I have had to make some changes.

There is now a new system.

I play more like a winger, so my game is more similar to what I was used to before.

I started training at a certain speed.

I know I can do it now, so that’s the best thing for me.

I think I will improve in the future, and maybe it will become my life.

I’ll keep on working and playing until I’m 40.

I hope I will be able to play at a top level for many more years.