When a girl grew up, she couldn’t read or write

Growing up as a girl can be a bit like growing up fast.

But when you grow up as an adolescent, it can be difficult.

But if you’re going to be a girl, you can do things that a boy cannot, and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

Growing up, there are a few things that we as girls can’t do.

We can’t sing.

We cant dance.

We arent allowed to have friends, and we can’t have any friendships.

If we want to have any friends, we cant have any girlfriends.

Thats a little scary, but we cant do that.

So we cant grow up and get girlfriends and do those things.

And thats pretty much it.

But I think that girls can get girls into things that they cant do.

They can get girlfriends into stuff that they dont want.

They cant get into a boyfriend that theyve never had before.

They dont want to be in that guy.

So it can get pretty difficult for girls growing up.

But thats not a bad thing.

I think its great.

Growing up in the United States, there were a lot of things that girls couldn’t do that boys could.

So youve got the movies, the music, the sports, and the arts.

So growing up as youve growing up, its a lot easier for you to do those.

Growing in a society that doesnt value girls like the US has isnt something that we can do, but thats what growing up is.

Ive seen girls get really frustrated with boys, and I think its true.

Ive seen them cry over something that they didnt want to do, and thats really tough.

But its not all girls crying, and Im sure thatsnt the only thing girls cry over.

Its not even the only time that girls cry.

It could be their mothers.

Its not about the things that you cant do, its about the ways that you can.

And I dont think thats going to stop anyone from doing things.

I dont think its a bad idea to be open about what youre going through.

I think thats really important, especially when youre in your teens.

But there are things that arent really on the table that a girl couldnt do, or couldnt ever do, because of the social stigma that girls face in the US.

So I think, for girls, the most important thing is to embrace who you are.

If you dont want the stigma, dont worry about it.

It doesnt matter what you are, its just going to make you a better person.

And youll find a way to do things in your life that will make you happy.

So, im not saying that we dont want girls to grow up in a normal way.

Im not saying we dont think girls should grow up the way they do.

Im just saying that thats not the best way for girls to be growing up at all.