Russian woman says she was molested by her father at age 7

A Russian woman who says she lived in a Moscow apartment with her father for six years claims she was repeatedly molested and abused by his abusive behavior.

In a new book, “I Was a Girl in Russia,” Anna, a former schoolmate, describes a series of sexual assaults by her dad, a political activist who also ran a radio station in the 1980s and 1990s.

She also says she experienced years of abuse by her mother, who also lived in the apartment.

Anna says she felt like she had been abused by both of them.

Her father is a political dissident who has been sentenced to a prison term for corruption, while her mother is a lawyer who has served on the country’s highest court.

Anna was 13 when she moved to Russia.

“My father was the most powerful man in my life,” she says.

“I had a good life.

I had a nice house and everything.

My mother was a great lady.

But I always felt that I was being taken care of, and I never understood why.”

I was a girl in Russia, she says in the book.

And I never dreamed that I would see my father, who had been a very important man in our family, like this.

“Her father molested her at least five times.

He repeatedly called her name, and when she did not respond, he made the rounds of the apartment with his daughter and threatened to kill her, she claims.”

I heard my mother scream, ‘Stop it, stop it!'””

There was a large black object on the floor and the floor was covered with feces.

I heard my mother scream, ‘Stop it, stop it!'”

Anna says that she was eventually able to escape and went to the police, but that she never made it to the station.

She alleges that she had to call her mother repeatedly to get her father to call the police.

Her mother died of cancer a few years after the abuse began.

Anna says that when she confronted her father about his behavior, he told her: “You know I did it.

It was my fault.”

The book is called “A Girl in Moscow,” and Anna has told her story in the past.

She says she now has a chance to speak out about her father’s behavior in hopes of preventing others from experiencing similar abuse.

“I am the first person to say, I had this relationship with my father,” she tells Fox News.

“If people are like me, they have a relationship with their parents, and then you have these other relationships with other people.”

She has also written a book about her childhood and her mother’s death, called “I Am a Girl In Russia,” and says she hopes the book will inspire other young women to speak up.