Toenail grows up remix as ‘growing up’ remix hits the streets

TOENail growing is a meme from the ’90s, with rappers such as Nas, Nas, Diddy and Lil Wayne taking turns singing it and dancing it up to a tune that was often accompanied by a line about growing up.

In 2017, the meme has found new life online and even spawned its own television series.

The internet, however, isn’t entirely convinced that the “growing up” verse is true:A tweet from the account @toenabroker said, “The song is actually a remix of the video.

The video was made in 2018 and the song is not.”

We asked the person behind the account if they could elaborate on the meme, but they were not available to comment on the matter.

But the popularity of the song has caused the meme to spread further than anyone could have imagined, as it’s been used as a tagline in many different ways.

“It’s been popping up in other social media and I’m hoping it will find a place on YouTube or Spotify,” said the artist.