How ‘Baby Doll’ is becoming a family for puppies in Nido growing home

Nido, a Labrador Retriever, has become a family.

A year ago, when she was only about three months old, Nido and her owner, Karen, adopted a three-year-old boy.

The dog, who was a rescue puppy from a shelter, is now a member of the family.

And for now, the family says it’s still looking for the right home for its newest member.

“We really wanted to get this puppy to a home where she was safe and she was comfortable,” Karen says.

“But there was no one for her to go to for help.”

The family, which is located in California, is using a program that provides a safe haven for animals in need.

The program, called Nido & Dogs, has been running for a few years and is available in many states.

“There are so many wonderful dogs that are in our care that are getting lost or abused,” Karen said.

“And we don’t know where they are.”

“Baby Doll” is the name for a two-year old male Labrador Retrievers called NIDO, named after a dog’s name in Japan, that’s a rescue pup from the Nido Rescue.

The dogs’ story was featured in the New York Times last year.

Karen says the program has been an eye-opener for her and her husband, Steve, who live in Texas.

“I don’t think we knew how much support was available to people in need of a dog like that,” she says.

Nido’s owners say Nido has been a big part of their lives since they adopted her.

“She’s a big, strong, beautiful dog,” Steve says.

The couple says Nido is “very good-natured, loves people, is very loving, and always looks out for us.”

“We love her for who she is and where she came from,” Karen adds.

The family says they are also looking for a good home for Baby Doll, who will stay with the couple until they can find the right family for her.

For now, NIDOs owners are asking for support for Baby, who has been diagnosed with severe separation anxiety.

“He’s just been so excited to meet us,” Steve explains.

“Baby has always been such a sweetheart.

He’s such a big baby.”

The couple says they plan to start a new life for Baby in the future.

They hope to find a good foster home for the dog.