5 things you need to know about ‘The Man in the High Castle’ interview with Martin Freeman

When you’re a young kid, the first thing you think about is your parents, and that’s what the cast of “The Man In The High Castle” does in their first episode.

They get to see what it’s like to grow up as a kid, and then to have your parents’ reaction to that influence how they look at the world and what they do.

In fact, the actors in the episode were so shocked to have the reaction they got from their parents, they were forced to share it with the show’s producers.

So here’s a look at five things you might not know about this episode.


The cast and crew are huge fans of “Man In The Hood” When the actors first met with their parents to ask them what they thought about the show, Martin Freeman was not one of them.

He didn’t want to be involved, because he’s such a huge fan of the movie.

So, he went to the theater.

When the actor returned to his hotel room, he got an unexpected surprise: He discovered that the theater he’d been in the night before was still showing the movie, “The Night Of.”


Martin Freeman loves ‘The Night In’ and ‘The Way We Were’ “The Way In The Morning” is his favorite episode of the series.

He even plays the character in “The One With The Clown.”

“I love the way they make him play these characters,” he said.

“The way he makes them like they’re the clowns.

And it’s so funny because I love clowns and I think clowns are very funny.

So I thought, ‘Oh, that’s a really good idea.'”


Martin and Jodie Foster were so excited when they got to meet their parents and find out what it was like growing up As a child, Martin had a lot of different friends.

His best friend was a kid from another country who was the prince of the local kingdom.

Martin also had a little brother who was an athlete, and one of his best friends was a basketball player.

He loved the fact that they had all these great friends.

So when they met with Martin’s parents to talk about the upcoming episode, it was so special for them to see that their son was into the movies as a child.


Martin’s favorite movie was “The Dark Knight” When he was growing up, he loved “Batman” as a boy.

It was one of the few movies he could sit down and watch with his dad and get some laughs.

And Martin loved “The Day After Tomorrow,” the one about a young boy whose father dies in a car crash and his mother has to take him to his grave to mourn him.

When he saw his father get cremated, Martin couldn’t help but be reminded of that movie.

He knew he wanted to see it someday, and when he saw the trailer for the upcoming season, it made him cry.


Martin has been in so many different movies and TV shows that he really has a wide range of interests.

But one of those interests has been “The Hobbit” Martin Freeman has been an actor for over 30 years, so he knows what it takes to make movies and have them be successful.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is one of Martin’s most successful movies.

It has grossed more than $2 billion worldwide and won multiple Academy Awards.

It’s the most-watched movie of all time and earned more than the entire history of The Hobbit.

Martin said he didn’t realize how successful it was until he saw that trailer.

He’s so excited to be doing another installment.

In the meantime, he’s making sure that The Desmorlough Raid will continue to be his favorite part of the show.