Former NFL player speaks out about growing up fatherlessness

Growing up without a father was tough for him.

“Growing up without fathers, it was a struggle,” he said.

“I remember my dad was a teacher and we had the best summers.

I remember him teaching me how to swim.

That was the summer we were the best.

It was a great summer.”

Growing up fatherfree was the toughest thing for Joseph.

“My dad was an engineer and I was always a football player.

When I was young, I was so proud of myself,” Joseph said.

That meant he had to work hard to maintain his athletic achievements.

“If I was a good swimmer, I’d be a great swimmer.

I’d do anything for the sport,” Joseph explained.

“But I was not a good football player because I wasn’t a good athlete.”

Joseph is no stranger to the pressures of being a college football player, and he understands that.

He was not the best swimmer at any age.

But Joseph said being a dad is a big deal.

“I was really blessed with my dad,” Joseph told Fox Sports.

“He’s a really nice guy.

I always had to learn to be a good husband and father.

I did it with all my life.

That’s a big reason why I’m a successful football player.”