‘I think it was a good time’: Rodeo clown takes on coyotes in a romp

Rodeos are a favorite pastime for many.

A good time to be a clown is in a lot of ways a good thing.

When I was a child, my family had the privilege of watching many of the world’s biggest and best carnivals, including the Golden Spike and the Great American Bash.

It’s hard to imagine a world without Rodeoing and, in my case, a good romp can lead to an even better one.

I think my grandfather would have been thrilled if his son had been able to make his debut in the circus.

His son, who is now 78 years old, said he’s been a Rodeoball since he was about four years old.

In his day, the circus would often be the home of a young animal.

“We had a lot more animals,” said Tom Smith, who runs the carnival at the North Carolina Fairgrounds.

He said he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to have two sons, a male and a female, when he was a little boy.

My parents worked hard to make sure that we had enough animals and they made sure we had a good environment to have them,” Smith said.

Smith’s mother, Dorothy Smith, said her husband was the owner of the North Carolinas largest rodeo and was very proud of his animals.

Tom Smith said he would have loved to have been able.

We never really had the money for an adult ride, he said.”

We got our animals from the fairgrounds.

We had them in the barns.

We got them from the horse stable,” Smith told ABC News.

The Smiths have spent their entire lives in the rodeo world, but they have never taken a trip with their animals.””

I’m sure there was some good times, but it was not fun,” he said with a laugh.

The Smiths have spent their entire lives in the rodeo world, but they have never taken a trip with their animals.

“The rodeo business is so much more than what you see on television,” Tom Smith said, adding that he never felt like he was on the outside looking in.

For the Smith family, that is a statement that is hard to say no to.

“It’s just like going into a new job,” Smith, 84, said.

“It’s not easy.”

The Smith family has lived in their ranch in rural North Carolina for decades.

A lot of their cattle have passed away, and they are now trying to find a new home for their herd.

They have an older couple that owns a small business and a younger couple that has started their own business.

While the family has never had the opportunity for a circus, they are still happy to share their love of the animals with the public.

“They have had a wonderful life, a wonderful family,” Smith explained.

Even though they have had to work hard for what they have, they feel lucky to have had the experience.

What’s your favorite animal?

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ABC News’ Scott D’Amico contributed to this report.