What I learned about being a mom growing up Italian

Growing up Italian in New York City was a blessing and a curse, said Emily McPherson, who lives in New Jersey.

“Growing up Italian was my escape and my escape came at a time when the whole world was going through a recession.

And so I got to be the only one in the world who wasn’t.”

“I was very fortunate that I had a supportive family that supported me from a very young age,” McPhersons daughter, Lola, told NBC News.

“When you’re growing up in New England you’re always looking out for your siblings, your friends, your community.

And when you grow up in Italy it’s so different.

You’re looking out to your family and looking out there for your community.”

It’s also a blessing, McPersons mom said, because “you’re constantly learning about what’s going on in the city.”

“I’m like a kid that was born in the right place at the right time, in the perfect situation, and so that’s a blessing because I learned a lot from my mom,” Mcphersons youngest daughter, Emma, said.

McPherson said she was particularly happy that her daughter is in New Orleans and not in New Mexico, where she grew up.

Emma McPhearson says she’s excited about growing up with her mother Emily.

Emily McPhee, left, and Emily Mcpherson have four children.

New York City is a tough place to grow up, Emily Mcpherson said.

“I think that was one of the biggest reasons why I came here was to learn about the city, and I didn’t have any siblings that were around the same age.”

Emily and Emily’s other children, Kasey, Noah, and Luke, have two older brothers and one younger sister.

Emily said her younger siblings are very different from their older siblings.

But Emily says her biggest regret was not being able to bring her mother and her siblings over when they were in New Zealand.

I would’ve loved to go with them to New Zealand and bring them over and have a little bit of the family,” Emily said.

Emily Mcphersons youngest son, Lenny, says he has great memories of growing up at home with his mom, Emily.

Emily McRobertsons eldest son, Luke, said his parents encouraged him to do things in his hometown.

The family lived in a four-bedroom house in the Italian neighborhood of Rome called “La Grazia,” and Emily said she always felt that she and her family were the center of the neighborhood.”

I think when you’re a child, your world is set and you’re not going to let anyone take it away from you,” Emily McPhillsons daughter said.