How to stop growing up creepy and creepier

Growing up in a creepy house can be tough.

We grow up to be scary.

You get it.

But you also grow up learning how to grow up as a grown-up.

And then you move on to your own adult life.

There are some things you can do to stop feeling so creepier.

The first thing is to stop worrying about the house.

You have a place to live, a job and the best clothes.

The second thing is not to become attached to your house.

This is an extremely important step to take.

You need to accept your place in the world and grow up with a new perspective.

The third thing is find your own place in life.

If you want to be happy, it is important to accept that you are different.

This may mean you don’t get to live in your parents house, for example.

But this is OK.

You may have to change your approach to your life.

You might be able to make a different career choice.

Or you might find yourself having to live alone in a small town.

Or, as I have, you might be forced to move into a new house, like mine.

Whatever you decide, it will help to get the mindset of being an adult, and grow a new relationship with your own personal space.

There’s a new baby, a new car and a new apartment.

You can’t take your old life for granted.

There will be new things to do and new opportunities.

It’s OK to be scared.

But if you can accept your new life and move on, you’ll be a better grown-ups. 

This article was originally published on TalkSport.