How one dad’s decision to adopt from a foster family affected the future of his son

Growing up in a small rural town in northern Indiana, Jackseptimeye is proud to be an adopted son.

But his decision to go into foster care when he was 14 years old and to become a father of three was not an easy one for the family.

“I didn’t know how much I wanted to do anything,” said Jacksephine, who is now 21.

“I was very selfish and I wanted everything.”

But Jacksepimeye’s mother, Becky, had an idea for a way to raise their son.

“My mother had a really strong desire to have a baby, but she also wanted to raise her son,” said Becky.

“She would tell me she wanted me to adopt, and she would say that if she could do it, she would do it for Jackse.”

So when Jacksebates mom, Becky Septiceyes, told her she was pregnant with Jacksepie, she decided to make the adoption.

“When she got pregnant, I was very hesitant, because I didn’t want to have Jackse, but then I just kind of fell in love with him,” Jackseps mother said.

“That’s when I said, ‘Oh, that’s what I want.'”

Jacksepimes mom was adopted by a foster mother named Sarah.

“Sarah was a very kind person, very supportive of Jackse’s adoption, and very supportive, she said.”

They had a lot of children, and Sarah took care of a lot.

I think that was very important,” said Sarah.

Jacksepey, now two years old, has an adoptive family of his own.”

In addition to raising Jacksepeye, Katie Seiptiye is also raising her own kids.””

They’ve adopted Jackse out to another foster family, and they’ve raised him, and now he’s in his own home.”

In addition to raising Jacksepeye, Katie Seiptiye is also raising her own kids.

“He has a younger brother and sister,” said Septiyaye.

“That’s where Jackse is at,” Katie said.

The Septisye family has an adopted daughter, Samantha, and a stepson, John, who has been adopted by Katie’s mother.

“John is very similar to Jackse in a lot ways, but he’s a little bit different, and that’s where we are,” Katie Seipsiye said.

She says Jackse has been so supportive.

“A lot of Jacks’ friends have been supportive and they all know he loves him, he loves his family,” Katie added.