What to know about the death of Cecil the lion from lion hunting in Africa

A lion killed in Zimbabwe last month has been found dead in a zoo, the country’s president has announced.

Ngai Prinsloo said on Friday that Cecil the lions hunting in Zimbabwe has been “extensively and intensively investigated and there is no evidence that the lions were involved in any killings or poaching.”

“Cecil’s death in Zimbabwe is not in any way related to the illegal killing of the lions in the wild,” Prinslo said in a statement.

There is no sign of a struggle or any signs of an animal struggle at the scene. “

The lion was found dead at a zoo in Harare on February 18.

There is no sign of a struggle or any signs of an animal struggle at the scene.

The Zimbabwe National Park Service (ZNP) and the Ministry of Agriculture have been working on the investigation and the ZSP will take all necessary steps to ensure that the lion is properly and safely returned to the park and its wildlife preserve.”

The Zimbabwe Wildlife Service has said that it has launched a criminal probe into the death.

“We are investigating the death and are awaiting the results of the criminal investigation into this case,” the ZWSP said in an email.

It was unclear if any charges had been filed in the case.

Cecile the lion, which was killed in Harre in Zimbabwe’s southern Harare province in February, was found hanging from a tree on March 3, the Zwomansa Department of Parks and Antiquities said in the statement.

The zoo, called Lion Park, had been a popular spot for tourists to come and shoot and eat.

The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority had warned of the risk of lions entering the park.

A total of 23 people have been arrested over the death, including five tourists and three Zimbabwean lions, the Zimbabwe Department of Conservation and Management said in its statement.

Two of the Zimbabwean’s lions, Tama and Nandi, were shot dead on March 14 by an unknown man in an attempt to stop the lions from attacking a bull.

A third lion, Zawe, was shot dead in February by another unknown man.