Pokemon Go’s first generation is the best, but it’s still not perfect

Growing up in the Pokemon GO generation is difficult.

It can be overwhelming.

You need to pick the right thing to do and have the right friends.

You have to learn to navigate the game.

You also need to catch Pokemon.

And that’s a lot.

Pokemon Go, the newest game in the series that has been making waves since launch, is a difficult beast, especially in the early months of the game’s life.

The first generation was a massive undertaking, and the second and third were largely ignored.

That’s why it was so tough for players to pick up and play the first generation.

But the new generation is even tougher, with a new version of the Pokemon Go app available on the iPhone, Android, and PC.

Pokemon GO: A look back at the Pokemon series of games and their origins There are several reasons why Pokemon Go is an amazing experience, even for the first time player.

First, the game is addictive.

Every time you log in, you get a brief window to pick a character.

The game is not very forgiving, but that’s OK, because there’s a chance you’ll catch Pokemon, and if you do, you can use it to evolve your Pokemon into something even more powerful.

There are also lots of hidden items and hidden Pokemon that you can catch that will let you make some crazy, crazy moves.

You can also catch the odd Pokemon, which can give you the ability to evolve into another Pokemon.

That will make you even more effective, and then some.

You get an additional reason to play the game because you’ll have to spend hours playing it.

The Pokemon GO app lets you log into a Pokemon GO account.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual player, or a hardcore player, it’s all about trying to catch every Pokemon in the game, and that’s what makes Pokemon Go so much fun.

Pokemon go is also great because of its social component.

As you grow older, you’ll be able to interact with friends in the local chat and on the internet.

You’ll be more comfortable interacting with people, and you’ll get to chat with people who have the same interest in your Pokemon.

Pokemon goes well with family events, like the family gatherings.

Pokemon is fun to play with your kids, and kids will love Pokemon Go because of all the social interaction.

Pokemon also has a variety of different Pokemon to catch, which makes it a great place to catch new Pokemon.

The gameplay is addictive as well.

The only problem with Pokemon Go?

Its longevity.

It’s a very long time between the first and the newest generation of games.

It took around three years between the two first generations.

Pokemon grew and changed, and so did the Pokemon that players have come to love and love to catch.

And the second generation is much, much harder to catch a new Pokemon than the first.

The second generation has been out for almost five years now.

We know that Pokemon Go has been a huge success, but is it the best version of Pokemon yet?

Well, Pokemon GO has some things to say about that.

It is definitely not perfect.

It does have some glaring issues, and there are still a lot of things that need to be improved.

It also doesn’t really have a story or a story that’s well-written, and it’s got a bunch of new mechanics that are confusing and difficult to master.

But Pokemon GO is still a great game, so if you want a great, simple, fun game that has a compelling story, a fun, engaging story, and a lot to catch and trade, then you should give it a try.

Pokemon Gotta catch it all, baby!

Read on for our full rundown of the latest Pokemon Go news, and what’s next.

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