What to know about growing up from a baby

Growing up sucks.

You are not supposed to be doing what you are doing.

Your parents will not be giving you the respect that you deserve.

They will not make you feel special.

Your dreams will never come true.

You will grow up and it will suck.

Your life will never be the same.

You are supposed to love your baby.

But your love is supposed to come from your parents.

You should have faith in them and the future you will have with them.

You will grow older and you will see your parents not as loving and loving parents but as selfish and selfish.

Your love will be a lie.

Your time with your parents will be wasted.

Your mother will have no time for you.

You might feel angry at your parents for taking away your dreams.

You might feel guilty for being selfish and unkind.

But this is the truth of growing up.

Your father will hate you.

Your mom will hate your father.

Your sister will hate the whole world.

Your parents are the reason you are growing up, but you are not the reason they are.

You have nothing to be proud of.

You can’t be the best at something because you were born to your parents to make sure they are successful.

You cannot be the most important person in the world because you have to give them your best effort.

You may never achieve anything in life.

You must work hard and try hard.

You can be a good parent.

You CAN do anything you want to do.

You do not have to go through this.

You never have to work hard.

You don’t have to sacrifice for your family or your friends.

You only have to do what is right for you, your family and your friends and then you will get what you deserve and you won’t be a bad person.

You could do anything.

You just need to try harder.

You grow up to be a child.

Your feelings are different from your emotions.

You become a different person.

Your mother has a child and your father has a family.

You grow up together.

Your future is not decided by who you were when you were younger.

You get a second chance to be who you want you are and be happy.

You have a child with cancer and your mother is in the hospital with it.

You start to wonder if she will ever recover.

You wonder if you are going to live.

You get married and move into a new home with a new husband and a new child.

You want to take care of your new home and your new family.

But you are never sure what will happen.

You live with your mother in your new house.

You talk to your mother from time to time.

You say nice things to her.

But she does not always answer your texts.

You see your father in the hallways at work, and he doesn’t even know you are there.

You think he has a crush on you.

You cry a lot and start to hate yourself.

You decide that your mother was never the best mother.

You want to be the father of your child, but your parents do not want that.

You fear what your new mother will do if you do not live up to her expectations.

You feel that your father is a terrible father and that your life is wasted.

You go to a counseling session and tell your mother that you want a divorce.

She tells you to leave.

You don’t know if you will ever be happy in your life.

You feel the pain of having to live with two parents who are not your parents, and of living in a home where you can’t make decisions for yourself and your family.

You learn about your parents from your sister.

You watch them grow up with their parents and you want that to happen to you too.

You learn about them from your mother.

You hear their stories.

You know about their mistakes.

You realize that you have done terrible things.

You stop feeling like a baby and start feeling like an adult.

You change your life and your career.

You spend more time with people you like.

You work hard to earn money and to earn respect and to get ahead.

You choose to love and appreciate yourself.

You know that you are different now and that you will not always be the way you were before.

You make a big mistake and you are hurt and angry.

You blame yourself.

But you will grow and be better and better and worse.

You find happiness and love in your family, in your career and in your friends, and you learn to forgive yourself for being a bad parent.

You become a good father.

You ARE a good person.

Your child is healthy, happy and strong and loves his or her parents.

Your daughter is healthy and happy.

Your son is strong and beautiful and has good qualities.

Your father is your best friend.

You love him and your children love him.

Your brother is a great friend.

Your step-daughter is a wonderful