Which of these characters are grown up figurine?

Growing up figurinems are those figures that were produced as a children’s toy before they reached adulthood.

They are often created with a variety of materials and come in many different sizes.

Some are made from traditional dolls or stuffed animals, while others are made of plastic or rubber.

Some figures come with accessories, while other figures have no accessories at all.

While there are no official rules about growing up figurins, some manufacturers, like Hobby Lobby, have begun making figurines with more accessories than others.

Here are some of the most popular growing up figma figures.


Ducky from the animated DuckTales movie 2.

Dixie from the live-action DuckTale movie 3.

Big Daddy from the Disney DuckTail movie 4.

Dolly from the original TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 5.

Daffy from the childrens television series The Powerpuff Girls 6.

Mickey from the film Winnie the Pooh 7.

Pluto from the video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 8.

Buzz Lightyear from the movie Buzz Lightyears 9.

Buzz from the Pixar animated film Finding Nemo 10.

Pluto and Buzz from The Amazing World of Gumball 11.

Donald Duck from the cartoon Mickey Mouse 12.

Pluto, Buzz, Donald, and Buzz Jr. from the popular TV series Winnie The Pooh 13.

Pluto’s head from the 1980s television show Family Guy 14.

Buzz’s head in the 1970s television cartoon Family Guy 15.

Pluto on a desk from the 1970’s television series Family Guy 16.

Pluto with a hat from the 1960s television program The Simpsons 17.

Pluto wearing a hat in a 1970s TV series The Simpsons 18.

Pluto in a 1950s TV show The Simpsons 19.

Pluto sitting on a bed from the 1950s television season The Simpsons 20.

Pluto standing on a table from the 1930s television episode The Simpsons 21.

Pluto running along the beach from the 1940s television television episode It’s a Wonderful Life 22.

Pluto holding a gun from the late 1940s TV episode It was a Wonderful Day 23.

Pluto at a beach from The Jetsons 24.

Pluto shooting at a squirrel from The Jetpens 25.

Pluto being chased by an elephant from The Great Dictator 26.

Pluto walking on a beach in a 1920s movie The Adventures of Pete & Pete 27.

Pluto trying to capture a turtle from The Big Lebowski 28.

Pluto taking out a spider from The Little Mermaid 29.

Pluto fighting a giant octopus from The Nightmare Before Christmas 30.

Pluto chasing a shark from the 1990s television movie SpongeBob SquarePants 31.

Pluto playing basketball from the 1987 live-tv series Parks and Recreation 32.

Pluto flying on a hoverboard from the 1999 live-TV series Parks And Recreation 33.

Pluto using a skateboard from The Simpsons 34.

Pluto riding a skateboarding board from the 2000s TV movie The Simpsons 35.

Pluto throwing a snowball at a spider in the 1998 film The Crow and the Hunter 36.

Pluto kicking a baseball from the 1998 television movie The Crow And The Hunter 37.

Pluto dancing in a ballet from the 1997 live-franchise The Simpsons 38.

Pluto looking down from a telescope in the 1997 television movie It’s A Wonderful Life 39.

Pluto jumping off a cliff in the 1996 live-film The Simpsons 40.

Pluto climbing a mountain from the 1995 live-movie The Simpsons 41.

Pluto floating on a floating beach from season six of The Simpsons 42.

Pluto crashing into a boat in the 1995 television movie My Fair Lady 43.

Pluto performing a dance from the 1991 live-live-film Scrubs 44.

Pluto falling from a high mountain in the 1990 live-episode The Simpsons 45.

Pluto leaping off a boat into the ocean from season four of The Simpson 46.

Pluto parachuting from a helicopter into the water from the 2001 live-documentary The Simpsons 47.

Pluto escaping from the helicopter from season two of The Golden Girls 48.

Pluto diving from a submarine in season one of The Flintstones 49.

Pluto making a small escape from a spacecraft in the 2001 television movie Gravity 50.

Pluto getting pulled by a giant worm in the 2000 live-filmmode The Simpsons 51.

Pluto catching a fish in the 2007 live-special The Simpsons 52.

Pluto hitting a flying fish with a ball in the 2013 live-series The Simpsons 53.

Pluto landing on a spaceship in the 2011 live-feature The Simpsons 54.

Pluto driving on the back of a bus in the 2009 live-video series The Flintlock Family 55.

Pluto spinning on a bicycle in the 2012 live-show The Flintlocks 56.

Pluto going on a bike ride in the 2016 live-event The Flint-locks 57.

Pluto swimming in a pool in the 2018 live-program The Flinttocks 58.

Pluto watching a movie from the future in the 2019 live-reality series Flintlock Mysteries 59.

Pluto blowing bubbles from a balloon