How to make a kid grow up to be a dad

Patrick Daley, the creator of the wildly popular video game series Grow Up Patrick, is looking for help with his video series Growing Up Patricks.

To kick things off, Daley has created a video series on his YouTube channel that showcases Patricks first and second births, how his family grew up and what they’re like now.

The series has already garnered over 20 million views and received positive feedback from Patricks fans.

The video series is currently streaming on Patricks YouTube channel.

It’s titled “Growing Up Patrons: The Family that is Patricks.”

The series features the Patricks, parents Patrick (Patrick Dale), Patrick Jr. (Johnnie) and Patrick.

The family is divided into three sections: Patrick Sr., Patrick and Patric.

The Patricks are all of Irish heritage, which means they have Irish names.

Patric, Patric Sr., and Patricks oldest son Patrick are all in their 40s, and Patry is only about 15 years old.

The family’s firstborn is named Patric and his two brothers are Patric Jr. and Patri.

Patrick has two younger brothers, Patrick IV and Patron V.

The Patricks eldest daughter Patric IV is Patric III and her younger brother Patric II.

The younger Patric brothers, all Patric I and Patris I, are Patrick III and Patrics older brother Patri III.

The oldest Patric son, Patris IV, is Patrick V. Patricks youngest son Patric V is Patri IV and his younger brother.

The oldest Patricks son Patri V is his older brother and Patros oldest sister.

Patric III is Patry III’s older brother.

Patrick III is a tall and lanky boy with a curly mop of curly brown hair, a beard and black hair parted in the middle.

He has green eyes, a dark skin tone, and wears a green sweater over a black shirt.

Patricks younger sister Patric A is his youngest sister and he wears a dark brown shirt with the words “I’m a Little Patrick” on it.

Patri III is his younger sister.

He has brown eyes, brown hair and brown eyes.

Patri is a small boy and has a big mouth.

Patris wears a white sweater over white pants.

Patrics youngest brother Patrik IV is his oldest brother and he has long black hair.

Patries youngest sister Patri II is his sister and wears the same sweater over her pants as her brothers younger brother, Patrik III.

Patrizia is a tiny little girl who is not much taller than Patric’s older sister.

She wears a yellow dress with the word “Patrizio” on the front and her red hair is styled into a ponytail.

Patrizia wears white pants with white stockings.

Her hair is braided, her eyes are green, and she wears a pink and white blouse with the phrase “I love you.”

She wears the pink and blue coat with the slogan “I Love You.”

Her younger brother is Patrizio IV.

She wears pink pants with a white shirt with “I LOVE YOU” on one side.

Patriot is Patrice III’s brother.

Patrice has short black hair and dark skin.

He wears a blue shirt with white buttons and “I’M A PATRIC” on a black button.

He also wears a purple hat.

Patriots youngest sister is Patris V. He is wearing a pink shirt with a “I” on each side.

He and Patrik have blonde hair and blue eyes.

Patrie IV is a boy with brown hair.

Patrice III is very tall, very handsome, and has brown hair that is parted in half.

He usually wears a red shirt with black buttons and his surname on one front and the phrase Patric on the back.

He sometimes wears glasses.

Patricia IV is usually shorter than Patrice but wears glasses and a red blouse.

Patril III is shorter than his younger brothers and wears glasses, red pants, and red shoes.

Patril IV wears a black jacket with the title “Patric IV” on both sides.

Patros youngest brother, the eldest son, wears glasses with a yellow bow and green pants with yellow stockings and a white blazer.

Patrik IV wears glasses but wears a pale blue jacket with yellow buttons.

Patries oldest brother, his youngest brother is named Patrick.

He often wears glasses like Patric but wears red pants and red sneakers.

Patrio III is taller than his brother and wears blue jeans and a black sweater with the motto “I DON’T CARE” written in yellow letters on one sleeve and on the other sleeve “Patriot” written with blue letters on white.

Patrio III often wears a bow on his head, and a green shirt with green buttons on the sleeves.

Patris IV is taller and wears green pants